Lasting recovery requires more than temporarily stopping problem sexual behavior. It requires changing your lifestyle and effectively addressing the underlying issues that lead to sexual acting out.

Connections’ Recovery Groups provide individuals struggling with problem sexual behaviors and, if married, their spouses with tools and support necessary to create lasting recovery. Participants learn how to reclaim their lives, reestablish trust, and restore hope in their future.

Highly trained and licensed therapists lead all groups. Workbooks, along with other materials and exercises, are used throughout the program and are included in the cost.

In Recovery Groups, participants complete tasks and assignments and hold one another accountable. The tools and principles acquired in this phase lay the groundwork for lasting recovery. The workbooks for the Recovery Groups focus on denial, the addiction cycle, fantasies and objectification, relapse prevention, and healthy living. Those with the addiction should stay in a Recovery Group until they have a detailed understanding of their own addictive system, have established solid sobriety, and are implementing an effective treatment plan, including a network of support.

Spouses in Recovery Groups take a deep look at their own experience of the addiction, particularly their trauma and any enabling or co-dependent behaviors they engage in. They learn to establish and maintain healthy boundaries.

Length and Times

Weekly meetings are 90 minutes long and meeting times are based on availability of participants. Individuals participate in Recovery Groups for approximately 6-12 months, depending on their needs.

Who Attends

Individuals who are struggling with pornography or other compulsive or addictive sexual behaviors. Spouses are also encouraged to attend separate spouses groups.


Participants are required to attend and complete the Getting Started Workshop before participating in a Recovery Group.


Recovery Groups are small with only 4 to 10 participants. This allows for more group discussion along with individual work and processing. Those with the addiction meet in groups separate from the spouses, which allows for work to be done that meets the specific needs of these two groups.


Active participation in the group process is crucial. Deeper, and more personal work is done in these groups. The person with problem sexual behavior is invited to get to the root of his or her compulsion or addiction, to become accountable for his or her actions and sobriety, and to form a close-knit support group with the other group members. The spouses focus on deep recovery work from the trauma they have experienced. This safe environment and group support is vital as participants help one another through recovery. This is where the real recovery work begins.


The cost varies based on your needs and interests. Contact our office for specific costs.


Advanced groups and individual counseling are also available.