The Getting Started Workshop provides the tools and support you need to begin your journey toward lasting recovery from pornography or other compulsive or addictive sexual behaviors. You will learn how to reclaim your life and restore hope in your future.

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The workshop consists of weekly sessions lasting 1.5 hours each. Workshops are usually scheduled on weekday evenings although daytime workshops are sometimes available.

Upcoming Workshops

Begins May 6th, 2015  (Wednesdays, 6:00 – 7:30 pm)

Who Attends

Individuals who are struggling to overcome pornography or other compulsive or addictive sexual behavior. For those who are married, we strongly encourage their spouse to join them at the workshop so they can begin the process of education and healing together.


All participants are interviewed by a trained and licensed counselor to be sure the workshop is right for them.


The workshop is educational in nature with group sizes of 10 to 40 people. Workbooks and small group sharing of homework is part of the experience. All participants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement promising to safeguard the identity and information of those attending the program.


The workshop covers well-established tools and principles of recovery from compulsive sexual behaviors, including:

    • The cycle of compulsive sexual behavior and its effects on the brain
    • How to break out of the drama triangle, in which we engage with others as either victims, perpetrators, or rescuers.
    • How to heal from unhealthy family patterns
    • How to escape painful cycles of shame and acting out

Please expect to actively participate in the group process. Come with a non-judgmental attitude and a willingness to be open and receptive. THIS IS HARD WORK! Expect to push the limits of your comfort zone. With struggle comes great strength and healing. Prepare to be loved and cared about. And prepare for a safe environment to share your experience and begin on the road to a lasting recovery.


The cost varies based on your needs and interests.

Follow up groups and individual counseling are also available.